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Hair Loss Process due to alopecia

Combat With Hairfall Problem Via Microneedling Therapy For Alopecia Treatment

Your hair may fall due to stress & hormonal changes. It is normal if you loss 20-30 hair strands in a day when you comb, wash, & style them. But, you need to be cautious if you see bald patches along with heavy hairfall in different patterns. Microneedling is the most popular cosmetic procedure that doesn’t require the usage of anesthesia as incisions are minimal in its process. The majority of physicians recommend this alopecia treatment to men & women who suffer for this hairloss disease.

Alopecia patients came across the mental stress as this disorder leads to complete baldness if left untreated. Hairloss is really embarrassing for any human being & that’s why, it’s necessary to take right treatment to get optimal results in less time. Microneedling for alopecia is usually applied to regrow hair with the stimulation process of scalp or target areas.

Conditions Considered under Microneedling For Alopecia

Microneedling for alopecia treats all conditions under this hairloss disorder. Physicians prescribe this therapy as it is ideal for both males & females under different age groups. Patients complain of hairloss at distinctive stages of alopecia that may cause reduction in hair volume due to thinning of hair follicles.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common disorder among the global population especially men. It causes hairloss in coin-sized patterns. While the causes of traction alopecia are excessive pulling & stretching of hair from roots. Females who are excessively habitual to hair styling & tight ponytails suffer develop traction alopecia. However, microneedling aids to all type of hairloss conditions without leaving any side effect & complication.

Details On Microneedling Procedure

Microneedling for alopecia is based on collagen PIN therapy. Minoxidil drug is applied before & after microneedling. This topical solution is used to rejuvenate stem cells & regrow hair follicles within a time period of 9 weeks. A clinically-tested instrument is used to puncture skin & make microchannels beneath the outer layer of scalp. There is zero downtime for this alopecia treatment as you can resume normal activities after taking the therapy.

There are several entrusted microneedling clinics for alopecia areata treatment. You can take this effective treatment with proper consultations of the concerned physician.

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